Things To See And Do In San Francisco California

Things to see and do in San Francisco California

The Golden Gate Bridge as seen from Sausalito, CA.

Once arriving in the “City by the Bay”, you have a lot of things to see and do in San Francisco California.  San Francisco is an amazingly vibrant city, with many interesting things to experience while you are there.  Here are some suggestions for a day or two of sightseeing, relaxing and fine dining!

Sightseeing and getting out and about! – Let’s face it.  We all want to go out and see the sights as soon as we can.  Sample the food, taste the wine, walk through the museums and roam the streets to get a feel for life in San Francisco.  Here are some good resources to help you choose the best way to experience San Francisco.

Why not take a tour of the wine country, a hop-on hop-off bus tour, or take a boat out to Alcatraz and cruise the San Francisco Bay!  Here are some suggestions for getting the most out of your visit to San Francisco.

Dining out in fine restaurants – If you like to eat, then you’re in luck!  San Francisco has a vast assortment of food choices to satisfy everyone!  Some very popular establishments are waiting for your reservation!  Be sure to sample the fresh seafood (clam chowder with sourdough bread is pretty awesome) and watch the crabs being cooked and cleaned on Fisherman’s Wharf.  If you are a Chinese food fan, then you can stop into the many bakeries and restaurants in the Chinatown area and throughout San Francisco.  Little Italy (North Beach) is famous for its Italian restaurants and atmosphere.  Our list of highly recommended and personal choices will give you many hours of dining enjoyment.

Lodging, hotels and finding a place to stay that suits you – Like most big cities, San Francisco has a wide variety of hotels, B&B’s and hostels to choose from.  It’s best to go with a tried-and-true place to stay.  Our listings show you some of the highest rated hotels in the city, along with a map of their location.  Spend a few minutes reviewing the list and see if you don’t find the perfect place to stay!

Events, nightlife and music – Here is a listing of ideas ( and helpful links to resources) for getting out and enjoying some of the food, music, lectures, readings, community events and more that are offered in the city.  Use the links to find interesting things in and around the city!

The history of San Francisco’s districts – Most people who have visited the city know that there are some distinct districts in the city.  Presented here is a little of the history of those districts and how they came to be a part of the city of San Francisco.

Entertainment for the whole family – There are many things to do in San Francisco that you probably have never heard about.  Some fantastic activities are available for the adults or for the whole family to enjoy.  Do a little planning to see all of the famous and the not-so-famous attractions that San Francisco has to offer.  If you are into sports and want to see some terrific teams, check this page for college and professional sports teams and their locations.

Cultural opportunities in San Francisco – San Francisco is an incredible city with a rich, cultural heritage.  As a world-class city, you can find so many exciting things to suit your tastes or interests.  Ballet, symphony and museums are just some of the fabulous cultural events that await you on your next visit!

Are you interested in world-class shopping? – There are shopping malls, antique stores, souvenir shops and public markets to wander through and explore.  So many things of interest await!  A stroll around Union Square is always a fun and enjoyable way to spend an afternoon.

Outdoor activities and a trip to the beach! – San Francisco is truly blessed with a wide variety of things to do on public lands.  Check out the many parks, lakes, beaches and mountains that are available in the Bay Area.  For a relaxing day away from the busy city, try a day walking the beach or visiting one of the many parks in the area.

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