Shopping at SFO

SFO shopping areaIf you want to go shopping at SFO, there are many stores to choose from.  All terminals have a great selection of stores and shops and are open most days.  Why not indulge in some new gadgets, chocolates or even a massage?

Departing from the International Terminal?

Check the list of stores available in the International terminal before arriving at the airport.  Duty free shops allow you to buy without paying taxes as you depart for international destinations, so browse some of the shops you come across for your favorite perfume, liquor, chocolates or other treats.

For those departing from Terminal 1

Check out the extensive list of stores you will come across when you depart from Terminal 1.

Leaving from Terminal 2? Lucky you!

Terminal 2 was recently renovated and is a fabulous place to wander, browse and buy!

All set to leave from Terminal 3?  Here’s the scoop.

Terminal 3 can be a good choice for shopping – lots of stores and restaurants.  Recent renovations should bring the terminal into the 21st century.  Access to the International Terminal is available from Terminal 3, so browse both terminals if you have the time!


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