San Francisco Airport Car Parking Lots

If you will be parking your car at the airport, it really pays to shop around for the best deal.  Compared to the higher fees charged by SFO, choosing a San Francisco Airport car parking off-airport parking location can save you 10% to 50% or more on your parking expenses.  Many of the parking companies offer coupons that can save you even more.  I’m sure you’d rather pay $7.00 a day over a $16.00 (or more) charge to park in the airport’s economy lot.  Most of the big parking companies offer indoor or outdoor parking, car washing, shuttles to the airport and lots of other services to make your trip as convenient as possible.  Check them out, compare prices and pick the one that is most convenient for you.  Some of them even have “frequent parker programs” for people who use this service a lot.  Sign up with one of them and reap the benefits!

San Francisco Airport Car Parking Companies – Off Airport

SkyPark San Francisco airport car parking companyWhen taking a long vacation or business trip, parking your car at the airport can be an expensive way to store your car. It makes a lot of sense to shop around for parking. The reason the off-airport car parking lots are cheaper is that there is a lot of competition for your business. A little research into the available airport car parking lots will usually result in substantial discounts over San Francisco Airport car parking lots.

OFF AIRPORT PARKING TIP #1: Look for coupons that you can print and take with you. Very often, these coupons will reduce your parking fees by another 2 to 4 dollars a day. Coupons are usually available on the company’s website.  Find them by searching for “san francisco airport car parking coupons”.

OFF AIRPORT PARKING TIP #2: Always reserve a space for yourself when deciding on a parking company, especially during any holiday periods. You run the risk of being turned away if you do not secure a reservation during the peak travel times (this happened to a relative of mine just recently. He and his family almost missed their plane because they had to look for another parking facility).

OFF AIRPORT PARKING TIP #3: If you fly often for business or pleasure out of the same airport, you should join the “frequent parking” programs offered by the parking lots you like to use. Very often, you can earn some valuable perks by doing this. Airport parking companies really like to encourage repeat business and will do a lot to get it and keep it. You have airline frequent flyer accounts, right? So join the parking programs offered and get upgrades to better parking spaces, car washes and things that the average guy won’t get.

Seven companies currently run parking facilities near San Francisco International Airport. The first one is Park ‘N Fly, located at 101 Terminal Court. The company’s phone number is 660-877-8438. Consumers will park their own vehicle outdoors.

Park SFO is located at 195 North Access Road. The company’s phone number is 660-871-5571. The company offers both outdoor and covered parking. Customers can park their own cars or have them valet parked.

SkyPark offers both indoor and outdoor parking at 1000 San Mateo. The company’s phone number is 650-875-6655. The company offers both indoor and outdoor valet parking.

Quick Park SFO is located at 401 East Millbrae Avenue. The company’s phone number is 650-777-7720. The company offers outdoor self-parking.

San Francisco Airport Marriott located at 1800 Old Bayshore Highway offers parking services even if you do not choose to stay at this hotel. The phone number is 650-692-9100. Customers have a choice of indoor and outdoor parking. Customers can park the car themselves or have their car valet parked.

The Burlingame Airport Parking is located at 620 Airport Boulevard. The company’s phone number is 650-373-4097. The customers can park their cars outdoors at this location.

Anza Parking is located at 615 Airport Boulevard. The company’s phone number is 650-348-8800. Customers have a choice of parking the car themselves or have their cars parked by a valet. All parking is outdoors.


SFO On Airport Parking

There are many choices for San Francisco Airport car parking. Unfortunately, they can be expensive if you plan to leave your car there for more than a few days. The long term parking is the best value, so if you are going to be away for any length of time and you want to be parked at SFO, then the economy lot is going to be your best choice. There is a shuttle that drops you off at your terminal and returns you to the parking lot or covered garage when you return.

SFO offers short term / hourly parking for those who might only need to be in the terminal for a short time. This parking is the closest you can get to the various terminals and allows you park according to the airline or gate you are going to. Look at the map below. As you drive along, there are signs telling you which airlines are located in the various parking sections. Just follow the signs and park nearest to the gates you want to visit.

ON-AIRPORT PARKING TIP #1: This might be obvious to most people, but the airport parking lots do not offer any type of “frequent parking” programs for their business or pleasure travelers (although I have started seeing discount programs popping up at some airports lately). You pay a high rate to park in return for the convenience of parking on airport property. However, remember that the long-term parking is quite a distance from the terminals. You have to take a shuttle bus to get to and from your vehicle. Why not consider an off-airport parking company that has shuttle buses to drop you off right outside the terminal doors. You’ll save a lot of money. Remember – the airport doesn’t offer any perks or incentives to park on their lots. They don’t have to because they fill their parking spaces just fine without them. That is not likely to change any time soon. So shop around for a better deal!

ON-AIRPORT PARKING TIP #2: Sometimes the long-term parking garage and lot will fill up and they will turn people away. When that happens, they will usually issue a voucher that you can take to the short-term parking near the airport to get the long-term rate. However, this takes extra time and if you are cutting it close as it is, then you might miss your check-in / boarding time. So always allow extra time if you will be parking at SFO. Take it from a guy who has had this happen three times in the last few years. There is nothing like having a little extra time in case something goes wrong!

The terminal map below shows the garage layout. As you enter the garage, you will circle around and park your car in the section (A – G) that corresponds to your airline. For example, your airline will be shown on a sign as you drive counter-clockwise around the circular garage. When you see your airline on the sign, pull into that section of the garage to park your car. You can also circle the garage again or go up or down a level to find a parking place.

Daily/Hourly Parking Map

Parking in the hourly garages A and G allows you to get to any of the terminals using AirTrain. Just use either the blue or red lines to get to the gates you need. Remember that these garages can get expensive, so get in and out quickly if you can.

Daily/Hourly Parking Map

Long term parking is the least expensive, but still costs $18.00 per day. So be sure to factor the cost of parking in to your travel budget. Check out some of our off-airport parking lots listed below – you can typically park for less than half of what SFO charges for long term parking.

long-term parking

ParkFAST is a reserved parking area that is handy when you are in a hurry. It’s expensive, but you can save $2 a day by becoming a member. ParkFAST is located on level 4 of the Domestic Garage.

ParkFast Map

ParkVALET is just what it sounds like – valet parking. You can expect to pay about $45 per day for this service. Go to the upper level and follow the signs to ParkVALET.

Finally, SFO offers a cell phone waiting area so that you can sit in your car and wait for a call to pick people up. Very convenient and it will keep you from having to circle the arrival area while you wait. There is even a flight arrival information kiosk. Follow the signs as you approach the long-term parking area north of the airport.

Cell Phone Lot Map



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