San Francisco Airport Restaurants

There are some really great San Francisco Airport restaurants to choose from in each of the terminals.  If you have the time, sit down and enjoy a fabulous meal before getting on the plane.  You’ll be glad you did, especially if you’re on a longer flight and you have to partake of the airline food.  Eating should be enjoyable, so why not try out one of the many fine establishments conveniently located in your terminal?

We all know by now that the food on even long airplane rides is either not available or they ask you to buy your meals.  Many of the restaurants will pack up a meal for you so that you can enjoy it on the plane.  Don’t forget to get enough to share!

The International Terminal

San Francisco International Airport Food CourtThe International Terminal has some good choices (I particularly like Fung Lum) in their food court.  The atmosphere is quite good and the choices are extensive.  Check here for a list of the restaurants currently available at the International Terminal.





Terminal 1 Restaurants

SFO terminal 1 foodTerminal 1 is also a good choice for their many and varied offerings, although the terminal itself is in need of a renovation that should be in the works soon.  Terminal 1 is one of the oldest terminals and will need to catch up to the other terminals at SFO if it is to be considered a world-class airport terminal.  Right now, it leaves a lot to be desired.
Terminal 1 restaurants




Terminal 2 Restaurants

SFO terminal 2 foodIf you have a flight out of Terminal 2, you’re in luck!  Terminal 2 underwent an extensive renovation a few years back.  Now once you get past security, you’ll get the full California theme!  Check out the healthy choices and fun decorations!
Terminal 2 restaurants




Terminal 3 Restaurants

SFO terminal 3 restaurantsMost people agree that terminal 3 could use some TLC and improvements.  However, the terminal is functional and offers a nice mix of eating establishments.  You’ll like the water dispenser that you can use to fill your water bottles.
Terminal 3 restaurants

Meals are a whole lot better when they’re fresh and hot.  Allow yourself the time to enjoy a nice meal before heading for your departure gate.  You’ll be glad you ate once you see what they are offering (if anything) on your flight!



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